Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

Meeting up with Michi

Hey there!

Last weekend I visited my friend Michi in Düsseldorf. The Main Reason we decided to meet up was me talking about making okonomiyaki but missing most vital ingredients and complaining that I don't have any japanese or even decent asian supermarkets in my area. Since there are quite a bunch of those supermakets in Düsseldorf Michi suggested for me to visit her so we could have a shopping tour.

I arrived late on friday evening (around midnight). I had some gifts with me and gave them to Michi before we went to bed

I got Michi some Blackberry Jam, homemade Egg Liqueur, a Star Wars Ovenmitt and some chocolate from HoneyDukes ;3

The next morning we were surprised that it had been snowing over night. After having some breakfast we started our shopping tour.
My outfit is nothing special but at least it was warm enough.

We first went to the "Creativ Discount" which is a craft store I wanted to check out because I had already ordered online from there.
Its HUUUUUGEEE!!! They sure got a lot of Stuff.
We looked around and each of us found something for their next craft project.

Afterwards we walked along the Ackerstraße in Flingern and ended up at a Cafe called "Hüftgold" (=love handles) where we had some coffee and cake

We then went on to the city centre where Michi wanted to look for some shoes for her next costumes. We went to a lot of stores but we didn't find any D:
So we finally walk to the Immermannsstraße where we had Dinner at the Maruyasu Restaurant.

Michi had some Katsudon and I had Kitsune Udon. I really wanted to try kitsune Udon because I remembered that I ate it back when I was in Japan in 2013. That's nearly 4 years ago QQ I think it was after we had visited the tokyo tower at night when we went to that Udon restaurant.

Afterwards we finally went to the supermarkets! We went to 3 of them and I got nearly everything I wanted. Then we had to carry it to michis place which was exhausting because the bag was so heavy. here is what I got:

I got: rice vinegar (for Sushi), Mirin, Sake, Okonomiyaki Sauce, Tonkatsu Sauce, KewPie Mayonnaise, Samplers for: Red Curry Paste, Yellow Curry Paste, Green Curry Paste and Masaman Curry Paste,  Miso Paste, a Sushi matt (its barely visible though), ramen noodles, Soba noodles, udon noodles, Dashi Powder and Golden Curry Roux.

We spend the Evening watching "Phantastic Beasts and where to find them" because Michi hadn't seen the movie yet. For me it was the third time I watched it XD But I still like it.

For Sunday we had planned to mostly stayed at Michis Place. Together we made a Potato-Zucchini-Casseroles and while it was getting ready in the Oven we watched One Piece Movie: GOLD. Even though the Movie was released last year and also aired in some german movie theaters we both hadn't seen it yet.

Afterwards we watched the third Digimon Tri Movie: Confession since Michi hadn't seen that one and the next one is going to air soon.
Digimon Tri can be so heart wrecking. Takeru and Patamon nearly made me cry QQ

We then decided to leave the house and have some honey toast for desert at the Cafe Bar Relaxe. I love their honey toast. Its so delicious. They didn't have the chocolate banana one I usually order so I went with the Sweet Potato one. I also tried some cream soda. Yummy! <3

Back at Michis Place she then showed me some Videos of the Exile Tribe and the Series: HiGH&LOW where most of them if not all act in. Golden Bomber are in the Series as well <3 I already started watching it by now x3

Because I had to leave early the next day we went to bed early. The next Day Michi brought me to the station and I went back home. It was short but it was fun. I can't wait to see her again at the Bookfair next month and also I can't wait to try out all the ingredients I bought x33

See you next time!

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017

Happy Valentines Days!

Hey there!

Happy Valentines Day ... or as I call it Happy Heart-Shaped Food Day! X'D

Because some of the Cooking-Channels I follow on YT had special Valentines Videos and I ended up thinking 'Well, everything they do it just making it Heart-Shaped'

Like Heart-Shaped fried eggs, pancakes, and so one.... - So I did the same:

Heart-Shaped 2-Ingredient Egg & Banana Pancakes and Heart-Shaped veggie burgers with spinache and heart shaped carrots.
Since I don't have an s/o or a bae living near me I just treated myself this day ^^''

I also had some heart-shaped chocolate decorated with sprinkles and filled with coconut. Delicious <3 (I made it while I made the chocolate frogs from the previous post)

But I didn't only treat myself. I made a cake for my friend Maruka earlier and send it to her via Mail XD It arrived in a better condition then expected and according to her it was really delicious

Its my first try making a cake with layers. I also tried to make a leo pattern in the Cake so I think it turned out quite messy inside ^^'' The cake has a Nougat-Cakepop Layer and two Coconut-Layers and is covered in Chocolate. Here is kind of a making of picture:

I really wanted to keep it for myself /D But I'm glad she liked it :D

See you next time!

Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

Honey from HoneyDukes: New Chocolate Frog Flavors!!!

Hi! I'm Honey from HoneyDukes!

Today I'm going to show you some awesome new Chocolate Frog Flavors and remakes of old favorites!

Just kidding! I made up this Character at last year at Dokomi when I brought different flavored Chocolate Frogs with me to the Convention for my friends to enjoy.
Back then I made: Raspberry Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate Oreo and Dark Chocolate Coconut

Also, back at the Dokomi 2015 I first introduced the Egg liqueur Chocolated Frog (Which didn't have a fancy box though:

This time I made the following flavors: Mint, a remake of the Egg liqueur filling, Crunchy, Pumpkin Pie and a remake of the Coconut filling.

 The Coconut filling turned out better then last time and I love the Mint filling (it has a deep green color, suitable for frogs XD) and Since I've recently became a big fan of Pumpkin Pie I also love the Pumpkin Pie Filling. It tastes sooooo good!~ <3

I didn't only mold frogs though. I also made some filled chocolate bars and designed a packaging for them. I also made some chocolate cubes with an ice cube tray but the didn't look pretty or special enough to take a picture XD
Same goes for my peanutbuttercup troll and some other random forms I made with cookie cutters. I was just experimenting a bit ^^

Last year I also didn't only mold frogs. But back then I also made owls, werewolves and skulls for a more harry potter themed set. I also designed a package back then. Which one do you think looks better?

I can't wait to hear what my friends think about the new flavours and the remake. Let's see what I will come up with next time :D

Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

Top of the Month: January

Hey There!

I kinda wanted to make a happy new Years post and stuff but now January is already over O___O
So well, let's move on to this months highlights then ^^''

1. Top of the Month: Get's

Whoops! I haven't go anything for myself this moth. It seems I only bought groceries and some cosplay materials ^^''

2. Top of the Month: Event / Activity

At the beginning of the Month I visited my friend Maruka. We went to the Cinema to watch "Moana" (Vaiana in Germany) and had some Chinese Buffet afterwards. The next Day we went to a  thermal bath (hot springs just sounds to fancy XD). As usual Maruka made Pancakes for me and I got a belated Christmas Present: Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin FunkoPOP Figure <3

They made a Muscial from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry "The Little Prince". I love the Book and I love Musicals so I went to see it at the Festspielhaus in Baden-Baden last week.
The show was great. Way more humoristic then I thought with a lot of different Dancing styles (Ballet, Step-Dance and so on). The costumes were nice as well and the actor playing the little Prince was gorgeous.

3. Top of the Month: Movie  

I really enjoyed Disney's "Moana", especially the Songs. They are beautiful. I had Maui's Song "Your Wellcome" stuck in my head for quite a while XD
Right now there are also so many great covers of the songs coming up!
For example:

I've started to go to Sneak Previews again, so maybe next month I might have seen more movies to choose from. Maybe I'll start to review them again :-)

4. Top of the Month: Cartoon / Series

Maruka introduced "Star vs the Forces of Evil" to me. I had seen one or two episodes before but I didn't pay much attention. The show is really cool though. We watched a few episodes together and then I watched the rest at home.
The Story revolves arround Star of course, a Princess from an other Dimension who gets send to earth were of course everything is different from her home place. Star tries to solve all problems with magic which of course leads to a lot of chaos. There is also a monster called Ludo who tried to steal Stars magic Wand. During the Series the Wand gets destroyed or rather split into two and now Ludo got a Wand as well made from the other half while stars Wand is malfunctioning.
I can't wait for the second half of season 2 to air! And I want to see more of Stars Ex-Demon-Boyfriend Tom. He's my favourite Character. And I kinda like Marco. He's a lot like me ^^''

Besides "Star vs the Forces of Evil" I finally got to watch "Breaking Bad" and I really liked the show. Which is weird because I disliked most of the characters besides Jesse Pinkman and Mike Ehrmantraut. Because of Mike I also watched "Better Call Saul"

Thats it for now, see you next month!

Samstag, 31. Dezember 2016

Top of the Month: December

Hey There!

Another month has passed. I couldn't blog because I've been to Rehab but that doesn't mean nothing happened :-)

1. Top of the Month: Get's

 Yumkeks has got a lot of cute japanese inspired stuff. I've seen her goods on Conventions a few times and I totally fell in Love with her characters Bruno (happy white Sheep) and Herbert (grumpy black Sheep). But it wasn't until I got a 10% Voucher from that I finally bought something ^^'' I consider it a Christmas gift from me to myself XD
I got a card, a little note pad, a charm and stickers! Just small things but unpacking them made me quite happy. They are so cute!
I got a thing for grumpy sheeps, I also always loved the grumpy sheep from Tasty Peach Studios

2. Top of the Month: Event / Activity

 Going to Christmas Markets! I thought I might couldn't go to any of them due to Rehab but I met some people there and we visited a different one every weekend. We went to Heidelberg, Aschaffenburg and Wurzburg. I even collected the Mugs. Never did that before X'D

3. Top of the Month: Movie  

Sing is a great and fun film from Illumination Entertainment. Fear should never stop you from doing what you love is a very great message wraped into fun characters singing a lot of different songs and developing through the movie.

4. Top of the Month: Book 

I finally read a bit more this month. I read "Wild Cards" from George R.R. Martin, re-read "A Strong hand" from Catt Ford, "Fleckenteufel und Drachtöter" from Leann Porter and "Mucksmäuschenstill" from Coco Zinva which I'd consider my favorite among these books. It's about a guy who became a mute at the Age of 14 due to an accident. The Story of the Book takes place 10 years later and I really like the character development of Valentin the main protagonist.

See you!

Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016

Merry Christmas!

Hey There!

A little belated post about Christmas. I've been to Rehab during December but I went home for Christmas. Getting back into my flat after being absent for several weeks felt absolutely great. I came back at the 23rd and met some friends at the Christmas Market that evening.

Christmas Tree
At the 24th I went to my parents house to spend Christmas eve with my family. Sadly my outfit pictures turned out to crappy to post them but it wasn't a special outfit anyway. Just something comfy to spend the evening in.
Our traditional Christmas Dish for the Past years had been Raclette because usually everybody can get what he wants then. Any other dish would most likely leave somebody unsatisfied so I think it's still the best choice for us.
For Desert we had dish made from whipped cream, meringue and raspberries which had been made by my aunt and a chocolate fountain which fresh fruit and of course some christmas cookies from my grandmother.

Chocolate fountain
The "Celebration" was kinda exhausting to me. To much arguing and complaining and my 3-year-old nephew was sick so his mood wasn't that great as well.
I must admit I was kinda relieved when I was able to go back into my flat. I had left all presents from my friends there and had like a second gift-giving

 Clockwise starting at 12 o'clock: from my mother I got home-made macarons and cookie cutters (there is a story behind those cookie cutters and the present made me feel very upset at first.) From my friend Maruka I got a mint-chocolate Santa Claus and home-made apple-jelly (delicious! <3), a pizza cutter (now I have two XD I guess should have told her that I already bought one since her last visit), three different bath salts and two bookd: Wicked and Haroun and the Sea of Stories, one of my favorite books from my childhood. Can't wait to read it again!
My Grandmother got me some more christmas cookies (seriously, when I am supposed to eat all this?!) and some grooming products (Well actually she gets a package of these from her old work place but since she doesn't use any of those we grand-kids can choose what we want)
I got socks for christmas! For the first time I think! (I only remember once getting socks for easter) It was a fun joke from one of my friends because we talked about me having mostly black socks, well, not anymore XD
Another friend made me a christmas card and I feel like we should take more pictures together XD
Lau got me a Calender for 2017! I really needed one :D It's full of cosplay pictures and I can't wait to hang it and start the new year with it.
From another friend I got a pen shaped like a giraffe. Giraffes are a special joke between us x3
Saskia made me some more christmas cookies and send me some homemade lipgloss!
And last but not least I got a present from a friend which is not in the picture. She made me candy sushi and got me a cookie stamp :D

The 25th I spend at home just doing... all the stuff I couldn't do in rehab like chatting on my computer, watching yuri on ice, playing ragnarok online and so on.

See you!

Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

Top of the Month: November

Hey There!

November is over, so time to sum up the Highlights of this Month

1. Top of the Month: Get's

My friend GooF got me this Plagg-Plushie from Toys'R'us because there is no store in my area. I started to watch Miraculous Ladybug when it aired on the german Disney Chanel this year and I really like the Show. Aside from Hawkmoth, Plagg is one of my favourite Characters and I adore this Plushie.
I also didn't buy much other things this month, besides groceries and other household stuff it was mostly Christmas presents ^^''

2. Top of the Month: Event / Activity

This Month I met up regularly with a friend to watch anime. We met up once a week and had Dinner together and then watched some Episodes of Gintama and the recent Yuri on Ice!!! Episodes.
Maybe we will keep this up, though we have to pause for December, but maybe next year :-)

3. Top of the Month: Movie  

My favourite Movie this month was definitely "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them"
I love the Harry-Potter-Universe, I love Eddie Redmayne - could only be great! ;D
I reconized most beasts from the really old "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them"-Book which I had as a kid. It's only kind of a small lexicon like what Newt Scamander in the Movie plans to write in the future. I also like that they incorporated Grindelwald as the new antagonist and it was also nice to learn about the magical community in an other country. I hope Newt will visit other countries so we can learn about their magical communities too.
I''m looking forward to the second movie as well. I'm more intressted in everything that happened Pre-Harry-Potter-Saga then what's Post (like I haven't read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yet and I'm not that excited about it because its well... post the Harry-Potter-Saga and I didn't even like the Epiloge in the 7th Book - but if there ever was something about the Marauders-Time I'd soo read/watch it!)

4. Top of the Month: Book  Game

Confession to make, I haven't read a Book this month :-( But since I will spend the next month in Rehab with not WLAN or Netflix so I can't watch any of my series and Youtube Abos... maybe I'll get to read more then ^^

So let's switch this out for Game this Month! Because I actually played a game this month X'D

I started to play Ragnarok Online again. I've been playing this Game for years... I guess I played for the first time when I was 12 or 13...
Since 2009 I played on an HighRateServer which has changed over time but I'm to lazy to look for a new one, so every once in a while when I felt like playing I logged in there. I guess the last time before this year was 2012 or something ^^'
The Halloween Event Items really got me in there this time. I love questing for cute Items which RO has a lot to offer. I'm not that into playing with a Party, PvP or WoE but I like that GatheringRO has those Monster Invasion Events which reminds me of the Anime sometimes :D

Guess that's it for this Month!