Samstag, 8. April 2017

Bookfair Leipzig 2017

Hey there!

As promised here's my report on the Bookfair Leipzig 2017!
I didn't plan to attend the fair this year. Leipzig is quite far and the fair has always been one of the most expensive conventions for me attend. I changed my plans in February because one of my friends had a spare bed in their hotel due to an other friend who couldn't attend the fair because she became seriously ill :/ I decided to go in her stead so I could see Lau and Michi and some other friends before Dokomi (Which takes place in June, so still some time to go)

So my journey started on Thursday. My travel outfit consisted the good old so-called 'Tamiya-Gammel-Style' which is inspired by an outfit Kiryuuin Shou wore back in I think 2011 or so. Lau once cosplayed it at the fair in 2012 when we started cosplaying Golden Bomber for a while and it makes me feel so nostalgic. Besides that it's just comfy which makes it perfect for 3 hour train ride.

The ride went quite smooth even though I started with a 20 minute delay. I only travelled to Limburg were my friend Maruka lives and from there we would travel to Leipzig by car the next day.

We spend the evening by going to the cinema and watch "The Beauty and the Beast". Back at Marukas Place I got some belated Birthday Presents from Maruka and from MissBirdii. Maruka made me Toms Bunny from Star vs. The forces of evil and she also got me a little figurine of the Baratie from One Piece. From MissBirdii I got a customized Duchess Swan Ever After High Doll <3

Then  we realized we had booked the wrong dates for the hotel rooms which meant we had no room. That was shocking to realized and at first we didn't know what to do. I even started to ask around on Twitter X'D We were so desperate. But Nenana stayed quite calm, searched the Internet and found as a Hostel in Merseburg for the same price as the original Hotel. Since most of us are short on money we didn't mind it being a 45 Minute drive form the fair location.

So after all that stress we decided to sleep a little longer and aim to reach Leipzig around 2 pm the next day. It is around a 4 hour drive so it's still pretty long. But it would be even longer starting from my location.

We got there without mayor problems and checked in into our hotel. My friends changed into their Star Trek Costumes which they had planned for that day and I changed into a Liza Lisa Dress which I had planned to wear for that day because we were going to eat out later.

At the fair we met up with Lau and Michi and I got some belated Birthday presents! From Michi I got the Soundtrack from HiGH&LOW and Lau had a Button and a magnet made for me matching my current twitter avatar which was like sooo cool!!!

Lau took some pictures of the others in their Star Trek Costumes while I talked with Michi... mostly about HiGH&LOW X'DD

Later we picked up Nenanas Sister and then we met Honey, Lau and Michi and a lot of other People at "Schnitzel Culture"
I had been there before when I attended the fair in 2015 and I love that place even as a vegetarian because you have so many options to choose from!

This time I had cauliflower schnitzel with grid potatoes and a fruit curry sauce. They sever really big portions and I didn't manage it to finish it all up.
Afterwards we drove back to our hotel (or actually we had to take the train to our car and then drive back X'D)

Saturday also just wore a regular outfit featuring my Guitar Necklace (which got quite a few comments! :D) and the button I got from Lau.
I just didn't feel like bringing more then one Costume to the fair and it was quite relaxing not to wear one. 
We arrived later then planned due to some traffic jam caused by an accident. Like on Friday we met up with Michi and Lau and this time also with Sato and her friends.

I also walked around a bit by myself meeting some more people I know through the cosplay community.
It was nice just talking a bit with people and sharing all the food I made for the fair X'D
I also managed to meet Angelus which I know now for over 13 years already though we've seen each other only a few times.

We didn't go out on Saturday. Instead we spent the evening at the hotel preparing our costumes for Sunday.
On Sunday I dress up too and wore my Duchess Swan Cosplay. It still fitted me even though I lost around 18 pounds since I last wore it. Nenena helped me to style the wig which isn't quite easy and I still which we could get closer to the original but we did as best as we could.

At the Convention we met Lau and Michi cosplaying from Star Wars. The other Picture shows me and Maruka who also cosplayed from Ever After High.
I first took some pictures of Lau and Michi before they went off to a Star Wars Meet up. Then we walked around like the other days looking out for people we know. We also met Kini who is an other Ever After High Cosplayer and settled a date for a shooting. Until it was time for the shooting we just sat around relaxing a bit and later Michi and Lau joined us again.

Our EAh Group: MissBirdii - Cerise Hood, Maruka - Ramona Badwolf, Kini - Darling Charming and Me - Duchess Swan
The Day passed pretty quick and soon we had to say good-bye to Michi and Lau and drove back to Limburg which took again around 4 hours so it was pretty late when we got there and went straight to bed.

I spend the next day also at Marukas Place so we could relax a little and eat some pancakes :D Thats out tradition ever since I met her! <3

We had strawberries with it. It was so good! We spent the day just hanging around and talking until it was time to get my train. In the evening I finally got back to my place.

These are all the presents I got. Marukas father also got me an early Easter present and I got these Burda Magazines from MissBirdii because she got them twice :3

Sonntag, 2. April 2017

Top of the Month: March

Hey there!

It's April... time is sure still running fast. faster then I'd like it to to be honest D:
So let's look back on the past month

1. Top of the Month: Get's

I got myself some beer! Now this is not considered regular grocery shopping since it's more like special beer I can't get a store in my area.
I had tried mongozo's coconut beer at the bierbörse in karlsruhe a few years ago for the first time. I wasn't able to attend that event again ever since 2014 and I was so longing for that beer that I finally ordered some. And while I was at it I got some more so the shipping was worth it.
I got Banana and Mango, also from mongozo and a lot from floris: chocolate, honey, apple, strawberry, raspberry, mango. From St. Loius I got raspberry, cherry and peach.
Dark Sister and Flower Power are the only none flavoured beer and I'm curious what they will taste like

2. Top of the Month: Activity/Event

This Month I went to the Bookfair in Leipzig. I might will write a post about that on it's own so I will keep it short here.
Since It was my birthday two weeks prior I got a bunch of belated presents which made me really happy.
On friday we went to schnitzel culture. I really love that place because there are so many choices for vegetarians (which are not only salads!) I had a cauliflower schnitzel again. It was so good!
I didn't feel like costuming so I only wore a costume on sunday to match up with my friends who where cosplaying from ever after high as well. I don't enjoy cosplaying that much right now, but I will still finish what I planned for this year because I don't want to disappoint anyone.
I enjoyed walking around in regular clothes and meeting people much more. Though the event is to big to meet everybody but at least I could meet some :-)

3. Top of the Month: Movie

Like many other I guess I watched the live action movie of The Beauty and the Beast.
... Sometimes I'm not even sure if I still like Disney Movies... or if I like them as much as my friends do. The singing felt kinda annoying.
I'm not sure if I'd have even liked that movie if it weren't for lefou and gaston. I like gaston... as a fictional character, I'd hate him as a real person ^^''
He made me think a bit of daring from ever after high.
All in all the movie was okay. I know some people didn't like emma watson as belle but that wasn't the case for me. I like Emma Watson and also watched her acting outside of Harry Potter before. She sometimes reminds me of my cousine.

4. Top of the Month: TV Series

I discovered "Sakamot desu ga?" by accident and I don't regret it. It's a 12 episode manga adaption and it is really really really funny... and stupid... but thats what makes it so funny I guess. It's just the same as with Girls High. A fun anime a discovered 2 years ago also by accident. I can really recommand them both. If you like watching funny animes an turn of your brain for a while.

Freitag, 17. März 2017

Happy Birthday to me!

Hey there!

Two Days ago it was my Birthday. Now I'm not really a big fan of my birthday due to my attitude towards life in general but well... I also don't like Christmas but there I was blogging about Christmas so I didn't wanted to leave out my birthday.

So because it was Wednesday and my friends live all far away I had only my family come over. For some of them it was the first time to ever see my flat since I moved out.

My Grandmother brought an Apple Tart and my Mom brought some Cupcakes so we had a nice little Cake Buffet set up in my Kitchen.

1. Row: Oreo Cupcake, Peanutbutter CakePops, Top-it-yourself! Strawberry Cupcake,
2. Row: Caremell Bear Cake (Slice and Complete)
3. Row: The complete Buffet
I had made the Bear shaped-Cake myself. It didn't really turn out as planned. I planned it to be a Rilakkuma Caramel Cake... well in the End it was Bear Shaped and Sweet and tasted of caramel but to get there a lot of stuff went wrong. It was my first time making a cake like this so I guess mistakes are allowed ^^''

 My Guests didn't mind though. This is all that was left after wards. I've put a bit of Cake in the Freezer to enjoy late and maybe I'll turn the Muffins into cake pops for the LBM next week ^^''
The Peanutbutter Cakepops where also made by me and turned out better then my first try at cakepops :-)

Making of the Bear Cake I started out with two regular round cakes which I levelled off and then halfed the smaller one for the ears. (I made the cakepops from what was levelled off so nothing gone to waste)
Then I cut layers and filled them with different kinds of caramell creams. I wanted to do only one type but as I said things didn't work out and I had to improvise.
Then I frosted the cake with some caramel buttercream which didn't look that great so I tried to fit it with cocoa powder which made the cake to dark to be rilakkuma ^^''

 I also got some presents. Mainly Sweets and Money but also a new cellphone. It will take some time to get used to it but it was definitely time for one. It's a huawei p8 lite and I was using an iphone 4 until now so theres a big difference in size and op system and nearly everthing ^^''
I also got some cute Stationary via Mail from a friend, flowers and an invitation for a breakfast at drehers together with my cousin.

Oh and since the Days before my Birthday was White Day I also got a White Day Package from my Friend Maruka! <3

That was so nice! It also came in the same box as the valentines day present I had sent to her! :D

So now I have to get bussy an prepare some delicious treats for the LBM next week. I'm glad I will meet many of my friends there. It will be weird with out cosplaying but I still look forward to going there :D

Freitag, 3. März 2017

Diet Talk II

Hey There!

An other Diet Talk (see first one here) Skip if you don't want to read, but I just feel like writing about this again.

So at the end of my first Diet Talk I mentioned going to rehab and being a little afraid of weight gain when I could not control my food as I do at home. Well, that fear was unsubstantiated. It did not happen. I managed to maintain my weight during that even though it was Christmas Season and we went to Christmas markets every weekend.
It made me quite happy to see that this worked out, but back home I went back in control because I'm not done yet.
Weightloss from Dezember 2016 uptil now (source:

Since I wrote my last Diet Talk I lost another 4 kg, so it's 7 kg in total since I started.

Weightloss from September 2016 uptil now (source:
I'm at my lowest weight within the past 5 years. It feels pretty weird to me and is hard (for me) to see. I guess its not helping that I last shopped for clothing in 2014 and still wearing them even though they are roughly 2 - 1 size too big now.

I picked out these cosplay pictures to help me realize that between those pictures an now there is a loss of 10 kg. Maybe I should put one of these costumes back on someday to make the difference more visible.
Even though there must be visible changes whether I can see them or not people hardly talk me about it. I don't know why this is so, I actually noticed this at family reunions where I expected comments but there are none. The only one ever to comment is my mother.
It's okay because no comment also means no negative comment but it sill feels pretty weird (and I always laugh when weightloss programms advertise with things like: People will notice! You will get compliments)

Exercising is still giving me a hard time. I might have done more of that in rehab since we had to but it's still not my cup of tea. Though, I managed it to go swimming at least once a week since the new year started. I know I should do more, but, it's something ^^''

I also have a new scale which can measure my body fat and I managed to get it below 25 %. My goal is to get it to 20 %. I'm no longer aiming for a specific weight.

I really thought the Numbers Part last time was funny so lets do that one again: In the past two months I saved 18509 calories.
That equals aprox. 8 1/2 jars of peanut butter, 130 bottles of Becks Gold, 226 Hot Wings from Kentucky Fried Chicken or 84 Hass Avocados.
It equals an undereat of roughly 10 days over a period of 58 days. So thats pretty much the same as last time I guess X'D

After talking about the food I didn't eat, lets look at the Food I ate

January home-made Food
Fabruary home-made Food
I know I take a lot of pictures of my food ^^;, not even half of them ends up on Insta and still my Insta is also full of Food XD
I can't wait until I get a new cellphone with a better camera to take even more pictures!

Top of the Month: February

Hey There!

It's march already! O___O I think 2017 should lower it's speed. To me it feels like time is running super fast while I don't get anything done D:
Anyway, let's look at the Highlights of the second Month of 2017

1. Top of the Month: Get's

Since Groceries usually don't count even though I travelled to Dusseldorf to get them I didn't put the japanese Stuff I bought while visiting Michi in this spot (it was also already featured in the blogpost about that trip)
Anyway, aside from that the only other thing I bought were those discounted Bras and some Harry Potter themed Socks at Primark ^^'' So nothing special this month but well... last month was nothing so I guess it's something? ^^''

2. Top of the Month: Activity / Event

Since my trip to Michi got an Entry on it's own my meet up with my friend Regi takes the spotlight here :3
We met up at Lunch time at the AKOYA restaurant. It's kind of an all-you-can-eat buffet where you can order 8 dishes per round for I think 5 or maybe 8 rounds in total, might be even more but we never got past 5 rounds I think ^^'' Usualy you can sit for two hours but if its not so busy you can sty longer. Regi and I both skipped breakfast and ordered nearly everything on the menu (besides meat and salads for me) at least once.
Starting with a Miso Soup and Sushi platter followed by spring rolls and gyoza, some tempura, grilled salmon, butterfish, shrimps, tofu, octopus, zucchini and Mushrooms. In our third round we ordered our favourites to enjoy them a second time before we went on to dessert which was Matcha, Mango and Sesame Ice Cream, Vanilla and Chocolate Pudding and some fresh fruit. It was my first time trying Sesame Ice Cream and it was just sooooo good! I'm still not a big fan of Matcha though :-/

Afterwards we were pretty full and took a walk down the city centre were we had a Coffee at the Marketplace and then went on to Primark. I haven't bought new clothes since 2014 I guess and since then I've lost quite a few Inches so I really should go on a shopping trip but since we were so full and tiered I only bought the stuff shown above ^^'' but now I have 3 bras that fit me and are not half empty XD

3. Top of the Month: Movie

Digimon Adventure Tri. Part 4 came out this month. I watched it right after the release and found it really interesting. It's not as heart-wrecking as Part 3 which was good for me cause I needed that break. But therefore a lot of stuff went on which left open a lot of questions. Not sure if I should go into detail here since I don't want to spoiler anyone.
Opinions on Digimon tri cover all ends of the scale. I grew up with Digimon 02 and Digimon Adventure and I really like to see how these characters grew up and matured.

I've also been starting to go to sneak previews again but so far none of the movies I saw felt great enough to me to put in the spotlight. They were all more 'okayish'
Also One Pice GOLD was nice but it's your usual One Piece Movie so yeah. Digimon gets the Spotlight!

4. Top of the Month: TV Series

Definitly HiGHT&LOW - the Story of S.W.O.R.D.!
After coming back from Michi I watch Season 1 and Season 2 and the Movie. But I like Season 1 the most x3 Though I wouldn't mind a Season 3
My favourite Characters are Yoshiki Murayama and Noboru. I also really like Hyuga (Season 1 only) and Smokey. The White Rascals are cool because they remind me of Clockwork Orange and because of Golden Bomber x3 But you see there are a lot of characters I like, it's much easier to tell who I dislike which would be Chiharu and also Kohaku ^^''

Another Series to mention would be Black Mirror on Netflix which I watched at the Beginning of February. The Episodes are long but there aren't that many. But the Show is really interesting. Each episodes features a story that takes place in kind of a alternate Universe. The Universes are all different and they came up with some pretty cool stuff. So I can really recommand it!

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

Meeting up with Michi

Hey there!

Last weekend I visited my friend Michi in Düsseldorf. The Main Reason we decided to meet up was me talking about making okonomiyaki but missing most vital ingredients and complaining that I don't have any japanese or even decent asian supermarkets in my area. Since there are quite a bunch of those supermakets in Düsseldorf Michi suggested for me to visit her so we could have a shopping tour.

I arrived late on friday evening (around midnight). I had some gifts with me and gave them to Michi before we went to bed

I got Michi some Blackberry Jam, homemade Egg Liqueur, a Star Wars Ovenmitt and some chocolate from HoneyDukes ;3

The next morning we were surprised that it had been snowing over night. After having some breakfast we started our shopping tour.
My outfit is nothing special but at least it was warm enough.

We first went to the "Creativ Discount" which is a craft store I wanted to check out because I had already ordered online from there.
Its HUUUUUGEEE!!! They sure got a lot of Stuff.
We looked around and each of us found something for their next craft project.

Afterwards we walked along the Ackerstraße in Flingern and ended up at a Cafe called "Hüftgold" (=love handles) where we had some coffee and cake

We then went on to the city centre where Michi wanted to look for some shoes for her next costumes. We went to a lot of stores but we didn't find any D:
So we finally walk to the Immermannsstraße where we had Dinner at the Maruyasu Restaurant.

Michi had some Katsudon and I had Kitsune Udon. I really wanted to try kitsune Udon because I remembered that I ate it back when I was in Japan in 2013. That's nearly 4 years ago QQ I think it was after we had visited the tokyo tower at night when we went to that Udon restaurant.

Afterwards we finally went to the supermarkets! We went to 3 of them and I got nearly everything I wanted. Then we had to carry it to michis place which was exhausting because the bag was so heavy. here is what I got:

I got: rice vinegar (for Sushi), Mirin, Sake, Okonomiyaki Sauce, Tonkatsu Sauce, KewPie Mayonnaise, Samplers for: Red Curry Paste, Yellow Curry Paste, Green Curry Paste and Masaman Curry Paste,  Miso Paste, a Sushi matt (its barely visible though), ramen noodles, Soba noodles, udon noodles, Dashi Powder and Golden Curry Roux.

We spend the Evening watching "Phantastic Beasts and where to find them" because Michi hadn't seen the movie yet. For me it was the third time I watched it XD But I still like it.

For Sunday we had planned to mostly stayed at Michis Place. Together we made a Potato-Zucchini-Casseroles and while it was getting ready in the Oven we watched One Piece Movie: GOLD. Even though the Movie was released last year and also aired in some german movie theaters we both hadn't seen it yet.

Afterwards we watched the third Digimon Tri Movie: Confession since Michi hadn't seen that one and the next one is going to air soon.
Digimon Tri can be so heart wrecking. Takeru and Patamon nearly made me cry QQ

We then decided to leave the house and have some honey toast for desert at the Cafe Bar Relaxe. I love their honey toast. Its so delicious. They didn't have the chocolate banana one I usually order so I went with the Sweet Potato one. I also tried some cream soda. Yummy! <3

Back at Michis Place she then showed me some Videos of the Exile Tribe and the Series: HiGH&LOW where most of them if not all act in. Golden Bomber are in the Series as well <3 I already started watching it by now x3

Because I had to leave early the next day we went to bed early. The next Day Michi brought me to the station and I went back home. It was short but it was fun. I can't wait to see her again at the Bookfair next month and also I can't wait to try out all the ingredients I bought x33

See you next time!

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017

Happy Valentines Days!

Hey there!

Happy Valentines Day ... or as I call it Happy Heart-Shaped Food Day! X'D

Because some of the Cooking-Channels I follow on YT had special Valentines Videos and I ended up thinking 'Well, everything they do it just making it Heart-Shaped'

Like Heart-Shaped fried eggs, pancakes, and so one.... - So I did the same:

Heart-Shaped 2-Ingredient Egg & Banana Pancakes and Heart-Shaped veggie burgers with spinache and heart shaped carrots.
Since I don't have an s/o or a bae living near me I just treated myself this day ^^''

I also had some heart-shaped chocolate decorated with sprinkles and filled with coconut. Delicious <3 (I made it while I made the chocolate frogs from the previous post)

But I didn't only treat myself. I made a cake for my friend Maruka earlier and send it to her via Mail XD It arrived in a better condition then expected and according to her it was really delicious

Its my first try making a cake with layers. I also tried to make a leo pattern in the Cake so I think it turned out quite messy inside ^^'' The cake has a Nougat-Cakepop Layer and two Coconut-Layers and is covered in Chocolate. Here is kind of a making of picture:

I really wanted to keep it for myself /D But I'm glad she liked it :D

See you next time!